The 15 Best foods when you’re drunk.

drunkDissacrante humor inglese

The Vulgar Chef



The official unofficial official list of all the magical drunk as fuck foods. The shit that makes your alcohol poisoned heart race like Casey Anthony in a nursery.

(all the pictures in this thread…fuckin’ Google owns or some shit)


1-The Gas Station Hot Dog

 Cheeseburger-LinksLike a drunken hot dog patriarch (not really sure if that makes sense, but fuck it.). Soggy bun in one hand, hot dog that’s been rolling in place for forty minutes or four weeks in the other. You’re ready to have the best worst thing in your fuckin’ life. A good dog is a good dog, but a shitty dog is a good dog when it’s loaded with shitty toppings.

2-The Ramen Noodle Maruchan Ramen - Beef Flavor NoodlesThe orange glow of this noodle cracker filled package is enough to sweep you off your drunken feet. Ramen tops out at about a…

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